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Generation Healthcare: Our Caring Team of Collaborating Professionals Include-
At the Rehab Center we are dedicated to providing quality one on one treatment by highly trained therapists. Our goal as a rehab team is to help patients return to their own environment and be able to function as independently as possible. We are able to help patients achieve that goal by offering therapy up to 7 days per week, depending on patient needs/ tolerance. Upon discharge, patients are encouraged to continue with a therapy program (Home Health) to ease with transition to home. Outpatient therapy is encouraged for those who want to take their rehab one step further. Both of these services are offered by our company. We treat our patients as we would want our family members to be treated in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

At Flint Ridge Village we strive to keep you in your own apartment and independent for as long as possible. We provide a broad range of services that make staying independent possible. We work in close connection with Generation Home Health, Generation Hospice and Flint Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation to get you all the help you need! We also offer regularly scheduled activities and social events. If you are looking for an apartment with all the comforts of home, look no further than Flint 
Ridge Village Apartments!

Flint Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center strives to provide progressive high-quality care. As part of the continuum, our company is able to meet all of your care needs, even as they change. For those able to return to the community, discharge planning begins as soon as a patient is admitted. Our staff is trained in understanding patient needs and resources available. Outpatient therapy can be continued in our facility, or if a patient is home-bound, Generation Home Health can continue to offer care in the home. For those unable to return to the community, long term care is available. In our facility, we focus on retaining all of the comforts of home with the addition of quality care. Lastly, if a patient needs quality end of life care, Flint Ridge can work with Generation Hospice to develop a care plan that meets each individual need, whether in the facility or in the comfort of the home..

Generation Hospice provides services for patients and families that assist with the end of life planning and care. Our patients have the ability to approach their end of life with their own uniqueness, dignity, and flexibility. Our team of Physicians, Registered Nurses, State Tested Nursing Assistants, Chaplins and Social Workers join forces to ensure that their quality of life is bestowed upon. 

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