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   can make a day - even change a life. 

      Our Above and Beyond program aims to recognize those employees in our organization that have demonstrated what it means to be Intensive Caring, Significantly Different- our slogan.

      Your willingness to put your experience into words by completing the Awards form below is all that it takes!

"Not even a week and I miss all of you already! Thank you for being an indelible part of my life! Little did I know that getting a new part would mean meeting so many new people and people who would mean so much to me! God does give us gifts like this that makes the healing journey more wonderful.

You fulfill your part through your caring and expertise and encouragement as things progress.

I didn't realize in so short a time I could have friends. It truly is amazing.

When I look back on this part of my life I will be grateful for each of you.

As we travel through life, God gives these bouquets to remember as we step into the next part of our healing journey. I love you. God bless you!  "   Carolyn R. Crego